Table of Contents

1. Summary

1.1. Faster, better, more cost effective than embed plate applications

Replaces current embed plate process for both I beam installations and LVL installations.

2. Beam pocket benefit details

2.1. Reduces costs by at least 50%

2.1.1. Faster installation

  • Reduces crane time and the associated cost
  • Eliminates welding process and the associated cost

2.1.2. Reduces inspections

  • Entirely removes the inspection of the beam weld

2.1.3. Safer on site

  • Reduces possible injuries by removing welding injury vector welding
  • Reduces on site trash trip hazards

2.1.4. Reduces secondary costs

  • Reduces roll off costs

3. Application details

3.1. Usable with insulated concrete forms or traditional wooden forms

3.2. LVL variant as well

Author: Ashton Honnecke

Created: 2023-07-31 Mon 10:41