182 Marble Road

Table of Contents

1. Phone reception

The phone reception has traditionally been spotty right before the turn off, I don’t know if that’s still true, but you might want to download one of these google maps beforehand. (or save this webpage, or just the very last image)

1.1. Google route from Kipling and I70

Ostensibly the fastest route https://goo.gl/maps/KaSi9PdkM7qgkVuw9

1.2. Google route forcing clear creek canyon

2. Old school directions (from Idaho Springs)

2.1. Head west on I-70 W

2.1.1. continue on for 8.4 mi

2.2. Take exit 232 toward U.S. 40 E/Empire/Granby

2.2.1. continue on for 0.3 mi

2.3. Continue onto US-40 W

2.3.1. continue on for 0.3 mi

2.4. Slight right to stay on US-40 W

2.4.1. Pass by McDonald’s (on the left in 28 mi)

2.4.2. continue on for 37.6 mi

2.5. Turn left toward Grand County Rd 521

2.5.1. continue on for 125 ft

2.6. Turn right onto Grand County Rd 521

2.6.1. continue on for 0.2 mi

2.7. Slight left onto Grand County Rd 5212

2.7.1. continue on for 0.2 mi

3. From Winter Park (the town)

This is basically just “stay on 40” from_winter_park.png

4. Turn off of 40


Author: Ashton Honnecke

Created: 2024-01-12 Fri 08:55